Tyres & Exhausts


At Hendrie Graham Motor Engineers we hold an extensive rage of tyres and provide a full fitting service at competitive prices. Should your tyre be an unusual size – not a problem, we have access to several suppliers and can normally accommodate all tyre requirements on the same day.

As your point of contact with the road, tyres should be inspected regularly and their condition never neglected. Did you know:

  • All tyres need to have a minimum of 1.6mm of tread thickness across the central 75% of the tyre width
  • A tyre worn to 2mm of tread takes around 1.5 times further braking distance than a new tyre.
  • Under inflated tyres increase fuel consumption
  • Fines for tyres that fail to meet the legal standard can be up to £2500 plus 3 penalty points on the drivers licence, and, that’s per tyre!

Please call in any time for our free tyre check or telephone for a no obligation quote, all we need is a note of your tyre size.


The purpose of your vehicles exhaust system are many, not only does is prevent gas leakage into the inside, it reduces noise and also contributes to engine power.

Replacing an exhaust is usually necessary due to corrosion. Exhaust corrosion occurs from outside in, usually worsened during the winter months when salt is used on the roads and also from inside out when acids produced during combustion condense on the inside of the exhaust.

At Hendrie Graham Motor Engineers we are able to supply and fit full or part exhaust systems for all types of vehicles.

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